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Carol KarrCarol Karr

Sculpture – Outdoor Garden Art (Paverpol)

When I discovered this amazing art medium in 2009 I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to pursue and share. There are endless possibilities for creating garden art sculptures from wire, tinfoil, cotton t-shirts, sheets and/or wool. Since learning the art of Paverpol sculpting I’ve been happily creating ever since and each season I create a new line of sculptures as my work evolves.  I love all things whimsical and magical. Today’s world can be a serious place. If I can bring a smile to the faces of those looking at my work then I feel that I have truly succeeded in what I was aiming for.

Sculptures For Sale

A selection of original one of a kind outdoor garden art sculptures will be available for viewing and purchase the Kensington Artisans Marketplace (June 14 to Sept 15 – Mon to Sun) located at the Kensington Train Station as well as Samuels Coffeehouse in Summerside and the Dunes Studio Gallery in Brackley Beach.

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