Membership At A Glance

Following are the types of Crafts Council memberships and their benefits. For more information on forms of membership and associated benefits, please contact the Council at

Member Benefits

Membership Definitions

Craft Professional – A producing craftsperson who has attained professional status and has passed the PEICC Standards for professional product design and production; 3 items of each medium in which you are currently producing must be submitted to, and approved by, the Standards Committee; must be a resident of P.E.I. for at least 6 months of each year and the crafts must be produced during that residency.  Non-resident professional membership is available upon review and acceptance by the Standards Committee.

Professional Craft Business – Two or more people working in the same or different mediums (i.e. an apprentice, hired staff, etc.); Active members must be producing craftspeople (owners/principals of business); 3 items of each medium currently produced by the business must be submitted to, and approved by, the Standards Committee; if working in various mediums or on separate products in the same medium, family members must submit individually; items must be sold under the business or owners name; owner and/or principals of business must be residents of P.E.I. for at least 6 month of each year and the crafts must be produced during that residency.

General, Student and Guild – Open to people who are engaged in the Craft sector but have not yet attained Professional status or who do not necessarily produce items for retail sales. This class in oriented to getting the part-time craftsperson involved with the Council and its programs, in the hopes that they will progress into the professional status in the future.

Membership Fees (Apr 2016-Mar 2017)

  • Craft Professional, Fee: $72.26 + 15% HST = $90.00
  • General Member, Fee: $39.13 + 15% HST = $45.00
  • Guild, Fee: $39.13 + 15% HST  = $45.00
  • Student Member, Fee: $10.43 + 15% HST = $12.00

Professional Craft Business:

  • 1-6 staff, Fee: $130.43 + 15% HST = $150.00
  • 7-12 staff, Fee: $217.39 + 15% HST = $250.00
  • 13+ staff, Fee: $304.35 + 15% HST = $350.00


Membership Application / Renewal Form (2016-17)

If you wish to be considered for the Craft Professional Membership you will have to first complete the Jury Process. For more information on this please review the Standards page and the Standards Guidelines here.

If you have already passed the Jury Process and wish to submit your application for membership, or if you are renewing your existing membership, please download the pdf file here and send the completed form and your payment to the PEI Craft Council or fill in the form below and submit.

PEICC Membership Form

ON-LINE Membership Renewal for 2016-17 is now available

PEI Crafts Council Membership Renewal Form - 2016/17

For use with Annual Membership RENEWALS only and not new Membership applications
    I agree to allow the PEI Crafts Council to communicate with me via email, for membership information, news updates and the PEICC Newsletter.
    Member Consent: I agree to the disclosure of my information and the use of my products and product photos by the PEICC in the context of normal business practices such as, in promoting the making, the acceptance and the sale of quality handcrafted items.
    For payment by cheque, please mail cheque payable to "PEI Crafts Council" to 138 Great George St, 2nd Floor, Charlottetown PE C1A 4K6 For payment by VISA/Master Card please contact PEICC by phone at (902) 892-5152 or visit our on-line store link below, after you submit this form.

NEW!!  To pay your membership renewal with Visa or Master Card please visit our on-line store

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