Jury Process & Guidelines

The PEICC invites you to help fill an increasing demand for quality, Island-made, hand-crafted products; to keep informed about activities in the hand-craft community and to become part of the organization which addresses the needs of the sector.

For a comprehensive copy of the Standards Guidelines and an application form, please download the PDF version of the Standards Booklet  and online Jury Application Form or printable PDF form here

2017 Jury Application Deadlines: 

Please submit your application and products by bringing them to the AGM or dropping them off to the office by Friday, September 8th.  Jury results will be announced September 22nd.  

2017 Jury Fee: $20 plus 15% hst  ($3.00) = $23.00

JURY APPLICATION FORM:  Online: Click HERE, Printable: Jury Application Form



Frequently Asked Questions

When does product assessment (jurying) take place?
2 times a year, in Spring and Fall.

On what basis are the products assessed?
Originality of design and/or execution of traditional design (40 points) Understanding of material & suitability for the design; form & function (20 points) Quality of workmanship (40 points)
*See the Standards Guidelines document for more detailed descriptions.

What is a passing grade?
Applicants must receive a minimum; of 65 points for each item to be successful.

What if I do not receive 65 points?
Applicants are encouraged to work with mentors to address any weak areas in the products and to re-apply at a later date.

Is the process confidential?

Do I receive a copy of my product assessment?
Yes. The process is transparent and is designed to encourage and assist crafts people.

Who can help me with my application?
Mentoring services are available, contact the PEICC.

Can I participate in the Christmas Craft Fair?
Successful applicants, who then purchase a membership, may participate in the Christmas Craft Fair at Confederation Centre of the Arts each November.

What other events can I participate in?
Successful applicants may apply to participate in Craft Fairs run by other provincial Craft Councils.

Who conducts the product assessment (jurying)?
A volunteer committee that has been selected on the basis of their relevant expertise in the craft sector.